WEB DEVELOPMENT=> Lzrbit a microbit driven web app

LZRBIT - microbit driven web app


What is LZRBIT? #

The LZRBIT is a drawing-app designed to create web-art using the BBC Microbit microcontroller as a joystick.

Art works are created by using the microbit accelerometer BLE service - Bluetooth Low Energy- paired with the Chrome browser.


Here you can see some of the first results:

LZRBIT - microbit driven web app

The conceptual design #

After teaching kids how to use the Microbit for a couple of years I tried to answer the following question?

What sort of web application would develop an artist with the Microbit?

As a media artist I thought to create a very simple and minimal app where we could ‘feel’ the Microbit gyroscope and use as an advantage, the discreet packaged information the Bluetooth Low Energy sends to create an ‘electric’ style only possible through this type of radio communication.

Here you can see some of the first results:

LZRBIT - microbit driven web app

The user experience design - UX #

Although simple in its design, the Microbit/Chrome browser experience becomes a new artistic medium where ‘Galaxies’ can be painted with ease. Also, because of the high sensitivity of the Microbit on your hand it becomes an exercise of creative relaxation and concentration if ones want to be able to paint a ‘realistic’ galaxy.

LZRBIT becomes a unique tool of expression offering to the media artist a new and distinct style.

LZRBIT - microbit driven web app

How to use the LZRBIT? #

Here you can see the microbit inside a plastic ball to be used as a joystick and its beautiful UX Interface.

LZRBIT - microbit driven web app

Future versions #

In future versions we want to add other sensors to drive the drawing app, like:

NextMind API - A non invasive human brain interface.

Come on over to the LZRBIT github repo and join us - LZRBIT GITHUB REPO