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The Art of Thinking #

The outstanding Catalan philosopher and theologian Ramon Llull (c.1232–1316) encourages us to reread the late Middle Ages. Llull, not only theoretically and linguistically invented a new method of knowledge acquisition, like an engineer, he also mechanized it, and translated it into a machine.


Ars Combinatoria #

Llull’s ars combinatoria was a method based on divine intuition for generating truths by means of a logical algebraic language. The method Llull invented was universal in its aspiration and, introduced a modern way of learning. It postulated the unity of the various disciplines of knowledge of his day, and through deduction, argumentation, and dialogue.

The reverberations of Lullian thought on technology, art and culture find their present-day corollary in a pedagogical revolution which has “computational thinking” at its core.

Ars Brevis / Ars Infusa After diving into it’s most known piece of art, the Ars Brevis ( the smaller version of the Ars Ultima ), I have found the need to rewrite a brand new site with the foundations of his computational thinking.

Following the steps of the ‘Llullist’ Yannis Dambergs I have reedited the Ars Infusa English translation of the original latin one.

Building the Llullian figures with javascript code creates a rather original mix of old and new, showing the incredible momentum of the Llullian ideas. It’s time to rediscover this Computational Thinkning pioneer and study all his theories from a modern and contemporary point of view.

I hope you like try to use it…and as Leibniz ( Llull’s fan ) use to say … let’s compute with Llull again.

Ars Infusa #

ARS INFUSA by Blessed Raymond Lull

In the Name of the holy and undivided Trinity and of its Divine Dignities, here begins a general Art or Science for obtaining a sure knowledge of GOD and of all created things, infused by the grace of the Holy Spirit. This Art, or Science, as its title says, comes from GOD himself, and thus, sure knowledge of GOD, of the created universe and of the creatures in it, is the subject matter of this Art.

This Art has Nine Parts

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