VISUAL DESIGN=> Visuals for the mutek festival


generative art course

Project #

Project proposal for the Mutek festival (Montreal, 2019) dedicated to Ramon Llull, pioneer of computational thinking

Performance #

generative art course

Summary #

generative art course

Ramon Llull #

Still today, Llull inspires a large number of creators working in multiple fields (visual arts, music, philosophy, politics, etc.). Amongst other things, the combinatorial and algorithmic principles developed by Llull have played a fundamental role in the evolution of human thought. Llull’s work has certainly fostered all kinds of technological advances that led to the digital and artistic revolution in which we live today

Concept #

Structure #

This introduction to creating Generative Art with p5JS course is divided into:

Authors #

Bernat Ferragut

Digital Artist and Creative Code instructor. He’s MSc. in Clean Technologies with a passion for the conjunction of Art and Technology. After having worked professionally in the fields of VFX and Computer Design for over a decade, now is using the origins of Computational Thinking as a stream of daily self-discovery.

Jean-Denis Thériault

MSc. (Cognitive Psychology), Coding instructor, DJ, radio producer (CHYZ and CKIA FM) and founder of La Face B web radio, Jean-Denis Theriault is mainly interested in the links between humans, technologies and

generative art course